Hypercom and TransactionTree introduce paperless receipts for multilane retailers

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) and TransactionTree today announced a go green action to give multilane merchants using Hypercom's Optimum L4150 payment terminals the ability to replace ink and paper-based receipts with paperless email receipts and cut costs.

"With TransactionTree's application on the L4150, we are enabling major retailers to switch to electronic receipts, reduce the use and cost of paper and save our natural resources. This is innovative, go green technology that's a win-win innovation for retailers and consumers that serves the common good," said Lloyd Baylard, Vice President, Multilane Products, Hypercom Corporation.

Going green with Hypercom's L4150 is quick and easy. When checking out, the cashier offers the customer the option of an electronic receipt regardless of payment method. If the customer opts to go green, the cashier or consumer validates an email address on the payment terminal and the receipt is instantly transmitted to the customer. It's as simple and fast as that.

"Retailers spend millions of dollars annually on ink and paper receipts, almost all of which inevitably wind up tossed in the trash and destroying countless trees in the process. Hypercom's L4150 with our solution gives consumers the option of paper or paperless, reduces the cost to retailers and protects our natural resources," said Jason Shapiro, CEO of TransactionTree, Inc.

The technology easily integrates with electronic point-of-sale systems, and saves retailers the cost and burden of storing hard copy receipts by providing secure online file backup. The system provides a separate central site for consumers to retain and organize receipts, which automatically updates and stores new incoming receipts.

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