SIX Telekurs reference and corporate actions data made available in XML format

Source: SIX Telekurs

Valordata Feed (VDF) supplies reference and corporate events data on more than five million financial instruments.

Supplied up to now in EDIFACT, this VDF data is now also available in XML format - thanks to the software solution VDF2XML Converter.

SIX Telekurs uses EDIFACT syntax for structuring its reference data product Valordata Feed (VDF). EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) is a standard initiated by the UN and subsequently adapted by the ISO. It is used worldwide for the automatic process of information between different business partners. Opinions in the industry differ as to whether EDIFACT or XML format is better suited to data transmission and processing. Both formats are based on recognized ISO standards. An XML file is larger and more memory-intensive than an EDIFACT record, but offers more flexibility and is the format used most frequently in the market.

An example of how we meet customer requirements

The VDF2XML Converter developed by SIX Telekurs converts the VDF messages encoded in EDIFACT format into XML files.

Mirko Silvestri, Head of Product Management at SIX Telekurs, commenting on the launch of VDF2XML Converter: «Having developed VDF2XML Converter, we can now offer our customers a handy tool. We are pleased that the large pool of data contained in the Valordata Feed can now also be made available to customers in XML format. It's important for us that our products should be properly aligned to customers' requirements. Making Valordata Feed available in XML format is a good example of how we meet these needs.»

VDF2XML Converter is available worldwide. In addition to the existing tools for using Valordata Feed, such as DOC Converter, DOC Print and DOC Browser, the new tool also offers an option for processing the high-quality international reference and corporate events data in Valordata Feed.

Valordata Feed - a structured foundation for data quality

Valordata Feed (VDF) from SIX Telekurs is the world's only fully structured and encoded financial data feed. It is based on the comprehensive securities database of SIX Telekurs. Thanks to intelligent linking of reference data, corporate actions, prices, international securities identification numbers, trading places and a wealth of other financial data, VDF is unbeatable in terms of information depth. With its clear structure, VDF cross-references the financial instrument with the data on issuers, listings, corporate events and prices. The entire life cycle of a financial instrument is mapped by VDF.

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