SunTrust Banks launches facebook swapshop

Source: SunTrust Banks

In need of a leaf blower or maybe a pet sitter but don't have cash on hand to spend? Look no further than Facebook. SunTrust Banks, Inc., (NYSE: STI) recently launched Swap a Solid, a Facebook application that provides users with a forum for exchanging goods and services with their Facebook friends and helps people stop spending money when they can trade instead.

Swap a Solid is the latest online component of the Live Solid initiative. SunTrust launched the initiative in recognition of the cultural movement underway in America, influencing people to live a more solid life by shifting their priorities to what matters most.

How It Works

It's simple to swap goods and services this holiday season with Swap a Solid. First, click on the Swap a Solid application tab at There you will be invited to either submit your own Swap a Solid request or view Solid requests to see the swaps your Facebook friends have posted.

To request a Solid, write a quick description of what you need and what you are willing to swap in return. You might ask for a children's bike and in return offer your son's gently used tricycle or swap one night of free baby-sitting in exchange for lawn-care services.

After you choose which Facebook friends to send your Swap to, they will receive a Facebook message regarding your Swap request.

"Our goal at SunTrust is to support people's desires to get on solid ground. Our Live Solid fan page on Facebook is one of many efforts we have underway to support and celebrate the changes that people are making in order to live a more solid financial life. 'Swap a Solid' is a great tool to use year-round, and it is especially helpful for the holidays," said Rilla Delorier, Chief Marketing Officer for SunTrust Banks, Inc. "'Swapping' is a great opportunity to help each other out during this busy and expensive holiday season."

Swap a Solid is the newest feature of the Live Solid Facebook fan page. The fan page provides consumers with a platform to join the Live Solid conversation and connect with others by sharing advice and inspiration for getting their priorities straight and their finances in order.

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