Dynamic Card Solutions launches EMV Smart Start suite

Source: Dynamic Card Solutions

Dynamic Card Solutions (DCS), the leading provider of instant issuance and PIN selection solutions for banks, credit unions and retailers that issue magnetic stripe, EMV and contactless cards, today announced EMV Smart Start, a bundled suite of software and services designed for card issuers who want to issue EMV credit and debit cards.

Building on the strength of the company's flagship CardWizard card issuing software, which is installed in over 500 hundred financial institutions worldwide, the company developed EMV Smart Start to help those financial institutions who are not currently offering EMV cards the ability to easily issue them instantly in branches or centrally in a back-office location.

In addition to delivering the CardWizard software and associated hardware, DCS will help educate and provide comprehensive consulting services. DCS' EMV Smart Start eliminates dependence on a third-party service bureau so that issuers will be able to produce and deliver EMV card offerings quickly, conveniently and more cost effectively on their own.

"Many U.S.-based cardholders who travel internationally where EMV cards have become the payment standard are unable to complete transactions with their magnetic stripe cards," said Ron Zanotti, senior vice president for DCS. "Our EMV Smart Start suite enables financial institutions to easily and cost-effectively issue EMV cards, adding significant value, security and convenience to this cardholder segment. Based on our experience in instant card issuance and EMV, DCS is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions issue EMV cards instantly with our EMV Smart Start solution."

DCS' card issuing technology supports the full array of card types from virtually all card manufacturers including native, GlobalPlatform and MULTOS. This gives the financial institution the ability to issue multiple card types, including traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV, contact and contactless cards. Cards can then be used on both chip-and-pin and stripe-and-sign systems.

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