Fixnetix to offer EDX London trading access and direct data feed

Source: Fixnetix

Fixnetix, the leading provider of ultra-low latency market data and trading infrastructure connectivity services, has announced that it will provide trading access to EDX London and a direct market data feed for financial institutions trading in Russian and Nordic derivatives on Sola, TMX Group's trading technology platform.

Fixnetix customers can take advantage of the company's raw exchange access or feed handler technology to gain ultra low latency market data from EDX London's common order book. Fixnetix's 10GB+ point-to-point high-speed fibre backbone infrastructure connectivity services will also make trading on EDX London significantly easier and more cost effective.

By offering a direct feed from EDX London, traders can benefit from ultra low latency market data exactly as it leaves EDX London, with every tick every time, and no spikes in times of high market activity.

"Fixnetix looks forward to helping our clients connect to EDX London, and we're confident that our proven ultra-low latency connectivity, market data and proximity hosting capabilities will help to grow traffic and volumes over the coming months," added Fixnetix's Chief Executive Officer, Hugh Hughes. "EDX London provides the international investor community with a gateway to Scandinavian derivatIves and its highly successful Russian IOB service."

Fixnetix's direct ultra low latency market data feed and trading infrastructure connectivity solutions have been designed to be fast, reliable and flexible, featuring best-of-breed high performance feed handler technology, dual ticker plants technology and unparalleled high bandwidth provision.

Fixnetix's feeds are available in multiple formats for quick and seamless integration, offering full redundancy throughout the entire delivery mechanism, and are provided on-the-wire to reduce support and implementation costs and timeframes.

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