Unisys, Alogent, Certicom and VeriSign team to deliver Check 21 system

Source: Unisys

Digital image capture, exchange and security leaders Alogent, Certicom Corp. (TSX:CIC), Unisys (NYSE:UIS), and VeriSign, Inc., today said they are working together to deliver a solution that allows banks to capitalize on opportunities encouraged by The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act ("Check 21") in the U.S.

Image exchange provides significant opportunity for improved efficiencies and reduced costs; however, the digitization of payment information could increase the potential for fraud and other security issues as images move electronically through a bank's payment system.

"This is the silver bullet banks need to not only comply with Check 21 and other similar banking legislation, but to take advantage of the business opportunities it opens up," said Gary Cawthorne, vice president and managing partner of global banking at Unisys. "This solution helps a bank to achieve greater security and visibility across its entire payment operation."

Unisys brings its deep payment expertise to its role of lead solution integrator in the paper-to-digital payments solution provided by the alliance. Financial institutions can implement the solution as separate modules or as a complete end-to-end transformation strategy. The solution is comprised of the following modules:

Point of presentment capture through image exchange software

The solution features Unisys technology paired with Alogent's leading point-of-presentment Branch Deposit Automation and Remote Deposit Automation solutions, for which Unisys has become a value-added reseller. The software automates payment and deposit processing, helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency, while allowing the check to be imaged where it is presented. Point-of-presentment capture helps banks to:

  • expand their processing window, and thereby extend cut-off times and improve customer service and satisfaction;
  • increase productivity, reduce labor costs, improve deposit surety by automating the proofing and balancing process at the teller, corporate client, and even at the ATM;
  • lower transportation expenses and improve clearing time by transporting images and data electronically rather than manual paper-based processes.

    Image security software

    This software incorporates secure digital signatures at the precise instant the check image is captured.

  • Integrating security technology from Certicom, Unisys check processing hardware and image security software creates a unique digital identity - called a signature - for each check image created, and attaches the mathematical signature immediately at the check transport system.
  • VeriSign verifies the identity of each company using the Unisys system through its outsourced Business Authentication Service -- a service based on the same platform that has authenticated close to a million SSL certificates for businesses. Any institution in the processing cycle can verify the signature and authenticate the image to confirm that no data has been compromised or tampered with in the system.

    A comprehensive, web-based payment information engine

    This engine archives images and data and allows banks to track and use data more efficiently across the enterprise. The Unisys engine is flexible and configurable, offering a more strategic view of best operating practices to deploy across product lines and help maximize cost efficiencies. It can access external systems and internal image databases, providing complete payment histories that allow banks to more intelligently import, capture, store, manage and use information.

    Leading image-enabling hardware

    The solution includes hardware for whatever strategy a bank chooses: branch image capture devices at teller stations or back counters, at centralized processing centers, or remote locations. High-speed Unisys scanners, sorters, and printers offer easily scalable systems, providing more flexibility to adapt better to changes brought by digital imaging.

    Assessment workshops and other consulting services

    Workshops and services are designed to model best practices for check clearing and settlement processes to identify common trends and maximize cost efficiencies. Unisys analyzes the gaps that exist in a bank's current procedures to help the bank understand the impact that image exchange and other industry trends will have on the entire business, providing management with a blueprint for a more effective transformation strategy.

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) services

    BPO services can capture check images at the branch and other decentralized locations, as well as more traditional centralized processing centers. These services offer the proven benefits of payments outsourcing that Unisys has long provided to banks around the world.
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