LV= signs for smartFocus marketing technology

Source: smartFocus

SmartFocus, the international multi-channel marketing software specialist, has been selected by LV= (Liverpool Victoria), one of the UK's largest and most trusted financial institutions, to streamline and simplify its database marketing capability.

LV= has adopted smartFOCUS marketing technology in order to develop intelligent and flexible marketing campaigns that will ensure the company is able to engage more powerfully with both its existing clients and a broad range of prospective customers.

Established in 1843, LV= is a long-standing, award-winning society that helps its customers to invest their money, protect their savings, and choose from a range of insurance products. Priding itself on customer loyalty, LV= has now streamlined its database marketing strategy in order to get as close as possible to its customer base, to better understand their individual financial needs and priorities, and to customise and target campaigns that offer the right services to the right customers. In particular, LV= is investing in more precise campaign planning, selection, analysis and reporting.

Good measures of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns include customer retention and regular engagement with customers and customer retention. LV='s investment in smartFOCUS software is allowing it to achieve higher response while simplifying administration and reducing the planning time required to execute strong campaigns.

Alan Gravett, head of marketing insight for LV= said: "We are continually challenging ourselves to improve the way we engage with our customers and deliver strong business performance. It is extremely important that we are equipped to engage with all of our customers at levels that feel right for them, whether that is a targeted email campaign or a magazine insert. Thanks to smartFOCUS, our marketing team now has software that can be customised to work precisely how they need it to, dynamically segmenting the customer database using powerful, flexible tools that will free up the team to focus more time and energy on creative tasks."

smartFOCUS has now supplied six members of LV='s team with smartSERVER. This intelligent platform reduces the need for technical skills while delivering fast, intuitive insights into customer information. With smartSERVER onboard, LV= marketers are providing straightforward strategic analysis of its campaigns as well as in-depth reports that help colleagues gain superior customer insight, quickly and easily.

Chris Underhill, CEO, smartFOCUS, said: "LV= needed a powerful, no-nonsense technical approach to marketing that would allow its team to deliver great results for its customers without the need for so much manual intervention and administration. With smartFOCUS LV= has been able to streamline its whole marketing system from planning, execution and analysis, all the way through to customer engagement and relationship management."


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