Bloomberg launches multi-broker execution management system

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg, the leading global provider of data, news and analytics, today announced that the Bloomberg Execution Management System, a multi-broker global equity and fixed income execution tool, is now accessible to all Bloomberg users. This innovative system combines data, advanced trading-blotter analytics and extensive order routing options to help Bloomberg users seek better executions on their orders.

The Bloomberg Execution Management System (“Bloomberg EMS”) is being made available on every Bloomberg terminal at no additional cost to Bloomberg customers. Bloomberg EMS is accessible through EMS on the Bloomberg terminal.

"Bloomberg is at the forefront of continually adding new functionality and product enhancements to increase the value of the Bloomberg terminal for customers,” according to Don Carey of Bloomberg. “With Bloomberg EMS, Bloomberg users can access advanced execution features on a single screen and save on additional data and network costs."

Bloomberg EMS enables traders to create highly informative, customizable trading blotters. Bloomberg EMS provides Bloomberg customers with value-added real-time pre-, working and post-trade analytical tools including indications of interest ("IOI’s"), advertisements, news and customizable benchmark measures. Bloomberg users can choose from a library of popular and advanced benchmarks such as available volume-weighted average price and volume measures. They can also create their own custom calculations in Spreadsheet mode. The Bloomberg EMS integrates sophisticated real-time sorting and filtering options that enable traders to identify orders that need special handling versus the selected benchmark, or executions that deviate from expectations.

Bloomberg customers can now utilize the Bloomberg EMS to route electronic orders to more than 1,000 dealer destinations worldwide through Bloomberg's high-speed Global Order Routing network, accessible on the Bloomberg terminal through EET for equities and through ET for fixed income. Orders can also be placed via Bloomberg EMS to broker-dealer program and block trading desks, as well as to leading broker-dealer algorithmic execution strategy trading destinations accessible on the Bloomberg terminal through ALBR . In addition, Bloomberg is making Bloomberg EMS available for integration with proprietary and third-party order management systems so that clients can benefit from advanced analytical trading-blotters and straight-through trade processing.

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