ICDC Kenya live with Rubikon platform

Source: Neptune

Having begun the project in mid August 2009, the Neptune implementation team blew the go-live whistle at the start of November 2009 with Rubikon Core Modules exactly two weeks before the projected time.

"We are extremely impressed with the way Neptune consultants handled the project right from day one" says Peter Kamau, Head of IT at ICDC. "The resource organisation, the training of champions and the rest of the users provided immense empowerment to our people to own and control the project. The consultant's skills and knowledge of the core product, database and data migration is undoubtedly unequalled to any other and indeed the factor for success", added Mr. Kamau.

Speaking after go-live the Neptune's Project Manager Alex Mbugua maintained that despite engaging parallel processes such as hardware acquisition, ICDC's unique requirements that
required development of special workflows, the team worked tirelessly to deliver on time.

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