HKEx adds more real-time derivatives data

Source: Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) has enriched the content of the Price Reporting System (PRS), the system HKEx uses to transmit real-time derivatives market data to end-users through authorised information vendors.

The enriched content was released for use on 31 October this year and operations ran smoothly throughout the two-week stabilisation period which ended last Saturday (14 November).

The main objective of the change was to enhance the transparency of HKEx's derivatives market by enriching the content of the PRS. The newly added content includes the following:

  • Information on standard combination series available for trading on the derivatives market - the PRS now provides the best five quotations on both the buy and sell sides of standard combination series, which are usually actively traded for position rollover before the expiry day;
  • Accumulated contract volume of block trades for each series;
  • Market status - indicates status of a market during a trading day (such as market open and market closed);
  • Product status - indicates where status of trading in a particular product has changed (for example, from "suspended" to "resumed");
  • High priority market messages - HKEx can now use the PRS to disseminate important market messages to investors through information vendors; and
  • ther new content, including the opening price (the price of the first trade of the current trading day) and net open interest for each series on the current trading day.

Information services provided by different information vendors may vary and not all information vendors at present have included the new content in their services. Exchange Participants and investors interested in the added content may contact their information vendors directly for further details.

HKEx will continue to review its information systems from time to time and upgrade its information services to meet changing market needs.

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