Germany's Federal Labour Agency rolls out Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf has installed the first 80 automated teller machines for cash benefits payments at Germany's Federal Labor Agency. The agency ordered the first 88 machines back in August, to be fully rolled out by the end of February.

A follow-on order was placed in December 2004 for 330 additional systems, to be installed between March and July 2005. As well as supply and installation, the total order also covers full operational management of the equipment.

When the rollout is complete, over 400 labor agencies and benefits centers will be equipped with ATMs. The machines are to be deployed where the number of clients means a high proportion of cash payments is expected.

Cash payments are currently handled by the labor agencies using a decentralized, cost-intensive process via a special check payment procedure in local payment offices. Using the ATMs will ensure the cash is made available quickly, flexibly and in a customer-friendly manner. After in-depth analyses, the Federal Labor Agency is counting on achieving considerable process improvements – and hence cost benefits – thereby underscoring the route the government agency is taking to become a service provider.

In addition to the ProCash 2100xe ATMs, Wincor Nixdorf has supplied a variant of its ProCash/FOnet software, specially tailored to the agency's requirements, which will also act as an interface to the Federal Labor Agency systems. Wincor Nixdorf will continue to handle operational management and maintenance issues for a period of five years, also managing and organizing cash-in-transit couriers used to replenish the machines with cash. In order to optimize the cost of the replenishment process, Wincor Nixdorf will be using its cash management software, ProCash Analyzer, to determine the optimum replenishment intervals and volumes for each cash machine.

This order reinforces Wincor Nixdorf’s strategy of transferring expertise acquired in its core business to open up new growth areas in other sectors where branch-type operations pay an important role, and continuing to grow service business as a proportion of total business undertaken.

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