United International Bank live with ERI Olympic platform

Source: ERI

ERI is pleased to announce that United International Bank N.V., located in Curaçao, the Dutch Antilles, has successfully started operations on the Olympic Banking System platform.

Curaçao is one of the oldest international financial centers, focused on private and corporate trust clients and their corresponding banking needs.

United International Bank N.V., established May 11th, is part of the United Trust group active in the major financial centers worldwide and caters to international corporate trust, international corporations and private clients.

"With a very professional implementation team from ERI, in collaboration with our own experienced banking staff, we were able to effectively implement the system. The system is user friendly for both the client users and the users at United International Bank." Mr. Antonio Torres, Managing Director at United International Bank, explained. "The OLYMPIC Banking System met all of our specifications, and we had many. We were swayed by the security, by its efficiency, and by the company's track record."

The OLYMPIC Banking System will ensure that United International Bank has an integrated, front-to-back real time system to support the products and services that the bank offers to its clients, both directly and through the Internet applications of OLYMPIC Banking System. In addition, OLYMPIC Banking System facilitates the dedicated staff and management to deliver top quality service to its international customer base.

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