Nordea monitors network With WhatsUp Gold

Source: Ipswitch

Ipswitch, Inc.'s Network Management division, a developer of innovative network management solutions, today announced that Nordea Bank, the largest financial institution in the Nordic and Baltic regions, has installed WhatsUp Gold v14 to monitor more than 1,500 devices in use across the bank's New European Market networks, used by more than 4500 employees.

"The most valuable benefit is keeping Nordea Bank's corporate network up and running, and WhatsUp Gold has met all our needs and expectations," explained Edgars Smilgzdruvs, Nordea Bank IT Network Engineer. "WhatsUp Gold's network monitoring capabilities mean that we are able to identify any problems in the network and react quickly to them. WhatsUp Gold is able to recognise problems graphically and it helps to resolve them quickly."

WhatsUp Gold v14 addresses the needs of network administrators by delivering decreased deployment time and increased performance and productivity. Reducing complexity through powerful features such as enhanced and faster discovery, an Alert Center, 13 preconfigured active and performance monitors and Critical Monitors (intra-device dependencies), the WhatsUp Gold product family provides networking professionals with more intelligence about and visibility into their networks than ever before The expanded functionality and simplified usability allows them to focus on more important IT and business initiatives.

"WhatsUp Gold was chosen as an easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage application, which can combine several monitoring tasks in one system," explained Smilgzdruvs. "We decided to install an easy-to-use application and one that was able to cover all monitoring areas, including active service monitoring like ICMP, SNMP and other TCP/IP services, passive monitoring using SNMP traps and syslogs and statistical monitoring using SNMP graphs."

In addition to meeting all the immediate requirements of Nordea Bank, WhatsUp Gold is identified by Smilgzdruvs as affording significant long term savings, on top of its installation at a very modest up front cost. Remarkably, the bank has acquired a fully featured, international network monitoring solution with just two copies of Ipswitch Network Management's software.

"WhatsUp Gold provides us with a perfect network monitoring solution for the money it costs," said Smilgzdruvs. "We have spent only about 400 work hours to implement WhatsUp Gold in four countries using many of its features across 1500 devices and across the full range of Nordea Bank's operations."

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