Indata OMS certified with Omgeo CTM

Source: Indata

Indata, a leading industry provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) for buy-side, investment management firms today announced that Precision Trading, Indata's 'best of class' OMS and front office solution is fully certified with Omgeo Central Trade Manager (Omgeo CTM), Omgeo's central matching engine.

As a result, investment managers using INDATA now have a strategic platform for central matching of transactions across multiple asset classes directly via the FIX protocol.

Omgeo CTM automates the allocation and confirmation parts of the trade lifecycle, involving investment managers, broker/dealers and custodian banks. Through INDATA's partnership with Omgeo, global investment managers using INDATA's Precision Trading can now send trade allocations directly to their broker/dealers, automatically generate affirmations for matched trades and notify custodian banks of allocations and settlement instructions.

"For our OMS and Front Office users who trade international securities, the ability to directly access Omgeo CTM provides numerous efficiencies that are all based on the standard FIX protocol," commented David J. Csiki, managing director, INDATA. "This is another example of our efforts to provide our clients with tools to accelerate trade matching, reduce costs and operational risk," stated Csiki.

"By partnering with INDATA, our clients can easily realize the benefits of Omgeo CTM and a more streamlined post-trade environment," said Tim Keady, managing director of global sales and relationship management at Omgeo. "Today more than ever before, the buy-side must minimize operational risk while reducing costs and remaining strategic when it comes to operations. INDATA's link to Omgeo CTM offers clients a fast, automated and secure transition so that the benefits of central trade management can be quickly realized."

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