RBS WorldPay to process NPCA decoupled debit cards

Source: RBS WorldPay

RBS WorldPay, the fastest growing top ten payment processor in the US, today announced that National Payment Card Association (NPCA) debit cards can be processed by RBS WorldPay. As the leading provider of merchant branded ACH cards, NPCA offers merchants a card acceptance solution with significantly lower transaction fees than traditional credit or debit cards.

"RBS WorldPay is committed to offering our clients a wide range of card acceptance solutions," said Ian Drysdale, senior vice president of Market Development for RBS WorldPay. "Leading merchants are requesting alternative forms of payment that can reduce costs and increase sales. By processing cards from National Payment Card Association, we are further delivering on that promise."

National Payment Card Association first introduced its alternative payment solution in June 2006, earning much attention from industry insiders and consumers. Often referred to as "decoupled debit," NPCA's leading ACH card solution has proven to be a beneficial alternative to traditional card acceptance in both the petroleum industry and other business sectors.

"RBS WorldPay is a premier provider in petroleum card processing. Working with RBS WorldPay highlights the increased national acceptance of our payment solutions for all petroleum merchants, from tier one through mid-tier to single store operators," said National Payment Card Association CEO Joe Randazza.

The NPCA PIN based payment system processes transactions through the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House (ACH), resulting in lower merchant fees and a self-funded loyalty program that provides immediate savings to consumers. Specifically, the program benefits retailers by helping them save on the interchange fees credit card companies normally charge on each transaction. The merchant can then use some of the savings to incent customer behavior by passing some of that savings along to them right at the pump.

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