SIX Group to expand reference data infrastructure under Connexor name

Source: SIX Group

Under the name Connexor, SIX Group plans to expand its Web-based reference data infrastructure.

Thanks to this new online platform, issuers can compile their reference data centrally in standardized form and then have it disseminated electronically to all stakeholder groups. As a result, CONNEXOR offers market participants greater efficiency, first-rate reference data quality and simplified comparability of financial products.

With CONNEXOR, SIX Group is introducing a massive expansion of its already well-established services in the area of Web-based reference and core data, thereby lending support to issuers, financial institutions, data vendors, clearing and settlement service providers, government authorities and investors in the efficient processing and utilization of securities-related reference data. For all users, this enhancement enables greater efficiency, the elimination of error sources, as well as the realization of considerable cost savings.

Automation and standardization

At the heart of this new Web-based CONNEXOR infrastructure lies the ability for issuers to compile and administer locally, in standardized digital form, all data pertaining to the lifecycle of a given financial instrument. The subsequent organization and dissemination of the reference data is accomplished fully automatically via standard interfaces for the attention of all stakeholder groups in the value chain associated with the security.
CONNEXOR therefore generates benefits for all parties involved:

  • CONNEXOR services for issuers facilitate cost-effective reference data management throughout the entire lifespan of a financial product.
  • Data vendors can use CONNEXOR to optimize sustainably the costs involved in procuring and maintaining reference data, while benefitting from the outstanding quality and significantly greater depth of that data.
  • The new platform offers investors and users realtime access to a vast store of reference data, right from the source, thereby simplifying the comparability of various financial products.

CONNEXOR is a service of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd, SIX Exfeed Ltd, SIX SIS Ltd and SIX Telekurs Ltd, all of which are subsidiaries of SIX Group.

Prior to the securities offering, CONNEXOR Numbering

CONNEXOR Numbering from SIX Telekurs enables issuers of financial instruments to obtain security numbers and ISINs in advance, fully automatically and regardless of time and place. As a result, the issuance process is accelerated. The security numbers and ISINs can be procured individually or for inventory purposes (pooling). This service will become available as of 26 October 2009.

CONNEXOR at the Structured Products Fair 2009 (21-22 October)

SIX Group is presenting the entire CONNEXOR system to the public at the Structured Products Fair 2009, Stand E1.

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