Voyant taps Amazon virtual private cloud for financial planning

Source: Voyant

Voyant today became the first financial planning software provider to offer customers dedicated enterprise services using Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Voyant's VPC deployments will provide a secure, seamless bridge between a company's existing IT infrastructure and Voyant-managed "instances" of its financial planning software, enabling enterprises to bring new consumer services to market more quickly and reliably than if they had deployed them on-premises.

In today's challenging economic climate, financial services organizations are looking for new ways to expand their product portfolio without impacting their bottom line. Voyant's private cloud deployments will help enterprises extend existing management capabilities such as security services, firewalls and intrusion detection systems to their Voyant solution, while reducing the time, cost and resources required to deploy and support new revenue-generating financial planning applications.

"Our goal is to help enterprise customers respond more quickly and effectively to a constantly shifting financial services landscape," said David Kaufman, CEO of Voyant. "Leveraging Amazon's world-class VPC technology, our cloud-based application services give organizations unprecedented flexibility in how they bring new financial planning products to market."

Voyant's Virtual Private Cloud services include:

  • Dedicated Software-as-a-Service - Voyant VPC enables customers to connect isolated instances of Voyant Adviser and Voyant Consumer web services to their organization's existing data center via VPN connection, keeping select traffic on-premises while enjoying the scalability and cost benefits of a cloud environment.
  • Secure Network Access - Integration between Voyant's Web Service API and an organization's internal systems -- including CRM, back office, compliance, account aggregation and execution systems -- is provided using the secure VPN connection between the Voyant VPC servers and an organization's existing IT infrastructure, limiting the risks of public data exposure over the Internet.
  • Flexibility - Once the VPC infrastructure is deployed, production and non-production instances of Voyant can be built to serve different business purposes -- from periodically scaling the infrastructure to meet above-normal demand, to supporting ongoing development, systems integration and testing efforts.
  • Reliability - Amazon VPC leverages Amazon's world-class technology, with distributed failsafe features built into its global network infrastructure and datacenters.

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