Rabobank, Mitsubishi Trust, and Banco do Brasil select eGifts

Source: Gifts Software

GIFTS Software, a leading provider of funds transfer, e-banking and anti-money laundering solutions, announced today the selection of its second generation funds-transfer product, "eGIFTS", by Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corporation, Rabobank International and Banco do Brasil.

eGIFTS, enhanced Global Integrated Funds/Wires transfer & Telecommunication System, is designed to automate both the payment and telecommunications processing of any bank. eGIFTS is built upon GIFTS Software's eight-year heritage of providing powerful funds transfer systems.

Mr. Kotaro Suzuki, Vice President, Information Systems, Mitsubishi Trust & Banking Corporation, said, "We chose the eGIFTS system after careful evaluation because of GIFTS Software's reputation for outstanding customer service and the fact that eGIFTS utilized the most up-to-date technology and was the best fit for the bank's requirements." Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation was established in 1927 and is one of Japan's largest trust banks. The bank has fifty-one branches and three sub-offices in Japan with an overseas network of five branches, one sub-branch and five representative offices.

Rabobank International selected the eGIFTS solution in December. In its Dutch home market, Rabobank Group has 1.3 million members, nine million business and private customers and is market leader in virtually every area of financial services. Outside the Netherlands, the Group has 222 offices, employing a total of 6,532 people in 34 countries.

Banco do Brasil, a Brazilian government-controlled bank, also chose eGIFTS. BDB has almost 5,000 branches in Brazil, and about 30 offices in nearly 25 other countries. In addition to its traditional retail banking services, Banco do Brasil underwrites and sells bonds, conducts asset trading, offers investors portfolio management services, conducts financial securities advising, and provides market analysis and research.

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