San Mateo Credit Union goes paperless with IMM

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, announced that San Mateo Credit Union has deployed its TotaleAtlas, a document preparation engine that captures signatures electronically in-branch, and TotaleAtlasWeb, which captures signatures remotely via the Web.

TotaleAtlas was previously integrated with the credit union's core system and now additionally supports its third-party loan origination system, making San Mateo CU's document output a fully automated, paperless process.

"I used TotaleAtlas during my time at another credit union and knew that IMM's technology was exactly what we needed here at San Mateo CU," Pete Kneisler, vice president of information technology at San Mateo CU, said. "Getting rid of paper and creating a fully electronic document process were the key to gaining the efficiencies that we wanted to bring to the credit union. Overall, we're always looking for ways to automate processes."

The $600 million credit union was able to use TotaleAtlas for the loan origination system as well as the core system, making for a single product that handles two data sources. TotaleAtlas takes the captured signatures to create a secure and non-editable PDF with signatures embedded. As a result, San Mateo CU will now move closer to its goal of eliminating the storage of paper while also benefiting from no additional training for employees.

"I've worked with TotaleAtlas for close to 10 years; it's an effective product that works all of the time," Kneisler added.

"San Mateo Credit Union wanted to automate both its member service and lending documents to achieve the greatest efficiencies; we are proud that IMM was chosen to accomplish this goal," Chuck Klein, CEO of IMM, said. "TotaleAtlas greatly benefits credit unions of all sizes to improve member service, increase productivity and reduce costs."

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