American Express becomes GlobalPlatform member

Source: GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform, the international specification body for smart card infrastructure, has today announced American Express as its newest Full Member.

The payment system's initial focus will be to participate in GlobalPlatform's current standardization efforts to support the convergence of the payment and mobile technical landscapes.

American Express joins GlobalPlatform to have an active role in developing open and interoperable specifications for the entire smart card infrastructure. Its participation complements American Express' current work with EMVCo, the EMV standards body which it jointly operates alongside JCB, MasterCard and Visa to develop and maintain the EMV Specifications for the global payments industry. The two associations are collaborating to advance GlobalPlatform's Specifications relative to secure content management on mobile devices, while ensuring that the technology aligns with EMVCo's application management requirements - including over-the-air (OTA) download and personalization - for mobile devices.

Susan Hillel, Senior Vice President of Global Network Operations at American Express, says: "American Express is delighted to join GlobalPlatform. We are committed to driving an open and interoperable infrastructure that will provide customers with choice and flexibility. American Express recognizes that by contributing to GlobalPlatform, and engaging in its cross-market expertise, we will be in a stronger position to deliver innovative and convenient payment solutions to American Express' users globally. We look forward to lending our market experience and resources to GlobalPlatform, and participating in this important industry initiative."

Kevin Gillick, GlobalPlatform Executive Director, adds: "GlobalPlatform is pleased that American Express has become a member. Its status as a global payment organization, coupled with its strong market presence, aligns with GlobalPlatform's goal to ensure worldwide interoperability of smart card solutions. We look forward to benefiting from American Express' wealth of knowledge and experience."

As a Full Member of Gmber of GlobalPlatform, American Express is entitled to participate on the GlobalPlatform Advisory Council and to assign representatives to its technical committees - card, device and systems - task forces and working groups. The organization will also enjoy heavily-weighted voting privileges and have the opportunity to nominate a representative annually for election to the Board of Directors.

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