Bats Exchange multicast feed made available via BT extranet

Source: Bats Exchange

Bats Exchange, an innovative and technology leading US stock exchange, announces the immediate availability of its Multicast Pitch real-time depth of book data feed via the BT Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure offering high-speed, low-latency exchange connectivity to exchange members and market data vendors.

BATS Exchange members connected to the BATS trading platform over the BT Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure technology can access Multicast PITCH via BT Radianz Ultra Access, the ultra-high-speed connectivity solution that provides low-latency sub-millisecond connectivity for local market participants to market data and trade execution venues.

"We are pleased to provide Multicast PITCH to our members and market data vendors that connect to BATS Exchange's world-class platform through BT's fully-managed global financial extranet," said Chris Isaacson, Chief Operating Officer of BATS Exchange. "These members and market data vendors can begin receiving the Multicast PITCH feed immediately for fast, efficient access to BATS market data."

Andy Nicholson, VP Global Banking & Financial Markets, BT, said "By selecting BT to carry the Multicast PITCH feed, BATS is ultimately offering more options to their members; not only can their members access the high-performance BATS trading platform on the BT Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure, now they can take advantage of BT Radianz Ultra Access to receive real-time market data from BATS with extremely low-latency."

Multicast PITCH can provide up to a 50% reduction in latency with 20% fewer events than the Exchange's PITCH 1.0 feed, a point-to-point depth-of-book market data feed. Multicast PITCH can also allow BATS' market data recipients to more easily redistribute the data within their own networks. Like all other BATS' market data feed offerings, BATS Exchange offers Multicast PITCH free of charge to BATS Exchange members and market data vendors, exclusive of connection charges.

To complement Multicast PITCH, BATS also offers its proprietary "Spin Server" which lets users reconnect to Multicast PITCH intraday and quickly build a snapshot of the state of the electronic order book without having to replay every message of the day.

The complete Multicast PITCH specification is available on the BATS Exchange web site at

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