Chimera Securities licenses OneTick Database

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData, the leader in tick data management and analytics, today announced that Chimera Securities, a leading proprietary trading firm, has licensed OneTick Database, the one solution for tick data management, analytics and complex event processing, to capture, store, retrieve and analyze real-time and historical tick data for quantitative strategy development.

"We are pleased to provide Chimera Securities with a comprehensive and flexible solution for developing and analyzing innovative new trading strategies," said Richard Chmiel, vice president of global sales at OneMarketData. "OneTick Database will empower Chimera Securities traders to access one standardized set of data to ensure they develop profitable and reliable trading strategies."

"We are excited to have OneTick supporting our strategy development efforts," said Jared Gerstenblatt, chief executive officer of Chimera Securities. "OneTick's ability to efficiently manage and analyze the full depth of the market will be invaluable as we develop, backtest, and refine our strategies."

After a formal competitive evaluation, Chimera Securities chose OneTick Database for its ability to integrate real-time streaming and historical tick data with intuitive business logic and analytics as well as its low total cost of ownership. OneTick Database's ability to handle all tick data needs including order book analytics, regulatory compliance and transaction cost analysis also made it the ideal solution for the firm.

OneTick Database collects and processes millions of ticks per second on a single CPU and archives billions of ticks per day globally, providing uniform access to all tick data, up to and including the latest tick. It empowers users to write real-time queries on streaming real-time and historical tick data.

A multi-asset class solution, OneTick Database allows clients to leverage an easy-to-use graphical user interface to access all data including equities, fixed income, futures, FX and options, as well as full order book data. It also compresses, stores and analyzes all kinds of data uniformly - whether it is tick data, daily pricing data, reference data or news data.

In addition, OneTick Database easily tackles rapidly rising data volumes and real-time data rates, while servicing multiple concurrent user queries on llarge datasets that span decades. With no limitations on data volumes, peak rates or length of stored history, OneTick empowers users to access one integrated database for all quantitative research needs - eliminating the need to license multiple disparate solutions and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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