TwoFour embeds Fincad derivatives analytics library into trading system

Source: Fincad

Fincad, the leading global provider of derivatives analytics, today announced that TwoFour has embedded the latest version of its derivatives analytics library into its global trading system.

TwoFour, a leading provider of treasury, FX and cash management solutions, recognized the opportunity to differentiate its client offering with FINCAD's advanced derivatives analytics.

TwoFour has experienced strong growth in volumes of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives - particularly in FX and interest rates - and recently benchmarked 4,000 cash flows per second on the TwoFour System. Using FINCAD as a third party analytics solution, TwoFour was able to greatly reduce its time to market for the provision of derivatives analytics. As a member of the FINCAD Alliance Program, TwoFour is using FINCAD's financial derivatives expertise and analytics software to improve its customer experience and meet critical client needs through increased user efficiency and productivity.

"FINCAD's low total cost of ownership and easy development tools made it the ideal derivatives analytics solution to embed in our high performance trading system. Our clients can now price their OTC FX options and generate risk statistics for up to 1,000 transactions a second," said Chris Davis, co-founder of TwoFour. "By using FINCAD's industry standard and market-tested financial models, the analytics in TwoFour are now transparent and more reliable."

"We are pleased with TwoFour's increasing success in bringing a more flexible and adaptable trading system to market through its expanded derivatives coverage and improved speed with the integration of FINCAD analytics," said Amar Budhiraja, Director, FINCAD Alliance Program. "With the growing demand for integrated derivatives analytics in trading and investment management systems, we look forward to contributing to TwoFour's continued growth and supporting its use of FINCAD's analytics library."

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