TMX Group expands co-location services

Source: TMX Group

TMX Group today announced a major expansion of its co-location services to offer clients of its trading venues the opportunity to locate their trading applications in the TMX data centre.

This move will offer significant advantages to clients seeking to reduce response times, increase their effectiveness and better serve their own customers as high frequency multi-asset class trading becomes an increasingly important component of capital markets activity.

Co-location provides clients with the lowest latency access to the TMX Group trading enterprise. TMX Group clients of the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and Montreal Exchange will be able to co-locate their trading systems with the TSX Quantum(TM) and MX Sola(R) trading engines and TMX Datalinx market data products.

"With this expansion, we are positioning TMX Group as the single point of access for clients who require speed, value and access to the full portfolio of cash and derivatives trading," said Tom Kloet, TMX CEO. "Our focus is on the development and expansion of highly-liquid, neutral and transparent markets and we are working hard to fulfill this mission."

To meet the significantly-increased international demand and to accommodate the expanded co-location services, TMX Group entered into a new lease to increase the size of its facilities. Construction has begun to prepare the new space for targeted rollout beginning early in 2010; however, clients are already confirming interest. The new facility is designed to accommodate up to 200 co-location spaces, which will meet current and anticipated demand for the services.

"TMX Group is making this investment because we must be competitive on the world stage, with offerings that can go head-to-head with the world's largest exchanges and marketplaces. With today's announcement, TMX Group is taking an important step forward and investing in the ultimate success of our clients and the Canadian capital markets," added Mr. Kloet.

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