Asset Control launches new role-based data management service

Source: Asset Control

At Sibos in Hong Kong on September 14, 2009, Asset Control, the world-wide leader in financial data management solutions, is launching AC Invest, a new web-based data management platform that enables financial institutions to quickly and cost-effectively address their increasingly complex data management requirements.

AC Invest's powerful logic engine combined with its intuitive interface give users control of all stages of the data management process, creating a complete data compliance system.
AC Invest creates a new paradigm that allows clients to adopt a role- and consumption-based data management approach suited to their business operations. AC Invest enables business users to easily create, manage, retrieve, use and re-use rules that control their data quality and use. AC Invest provides firms with the solid upgrade path they expect from a vendor product. AC Invest includes:
A role- and consumption-based view of data that facilitates distribution, usage analysis and costing at a firm's business unit or regional level
A graphically driven, centralized logic system providing increased control and audit for decision making, allowing non-technical users to easily create, manage, retrieve, use and re-use rules
Industry standard rules and the flexibility to easily add organizationally specific rules without the need for technical intervention
A 'Rule Finder' to support rapid impact analysis, faster responses to regulatory queries and reduced time to on-board new business
A comprehensive, flexible data model that can be easily expanded using simple wizards, making upgrades simple, controlled and auditable
A web-based design that allows remote management, provides support for stringent security requirements and delivers a familiar user experience
The option of using Asset Control's highly knowledgeable and experienced staff to manage and maintain key market data feed handlers
Phil Lynch, Asset Control's president and chief executive officer, said: "AC Invest is a revolutionary new product designed to equip business users with the confidence that their core applications are powered with consistent, accurate and compliant information. This consumption-based, business-user model helps firms leverage data as the proactive business tool e proactive business business s s business tool e proactive business tool much needed in today's global financial landscape. Our latest offering provides firms with low cost of ownership through a standard data model and set of rules that can be flexed without damaging their upgrade path, delivering a functionally rich standard product that can be extended with minimum additional cost."
AC Invest can be used as a stand-alone platform, or as part of a federated model for distributing data on a regional or enterprise basis (including global offices with regional variations) through integration with Asset Control's AC Plus centralized data management platform.

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