SunGard releases Ambit Messaging Hub 1.6 with integration of Swift's Standards Developer Kit

Source: Sungard

SunGard has launched Ambit Messaging Hub 1.6, the latest release of its consolidated financial messaging solution.

Ambit Messaging Hub 1.6 uses Swift's Standards Developer Kit (SDK), which offers quality-certified message definitions and XML tools to parse, validate and transform MT and ISO20022 messages, while helping reduce development costs and time-to-market.

SunGard's Ambit Messaging Hub helps banks consolidate their financial messaging operations across Swift and other networks onto a single, scalable platform. For Ambit Messaging Hub 1.6, SunGard has chosen to use processable standards definitions from the Swift SDK instead of creating and maintaining its own proprietary definitions. Using the new MT-XML schemas from the SDK allows SunGard to import FIN message definitions directly from Swift, which helps guarantee the high quality of the definitions. The SDK has already helped streamline the development process, and is expected to deliver continuing time-to-market and quality benefits for customers over the life of the product.

Stephen Lindsay, product manager for Standards at Swift, commented: "Swift is delighted that SunGard has chosen to include components of the Swift Standards Developer Kit (SDK) in its Ambit Messaging Hub solution. By including processable standards information from Swift in its products, SunGard helps ensure the highest quality standards support for its customers. Swift looks forward to working closely with SunGard to define the next advance in processable standards from Swift, which will help enable even greater standards accuracy and faster time to market for the software on which Swift users depend."

Andrew Owens, research & development director for global messaging at SunGard, commented: "With SunGard's Ambit Messaging Hub 1.6, we will be able to take on changed message formats much more rapidly and deliver these to our customers sooner. And because the definitions arns are certified by Swift, we will not be delivering an interpretation of the standard, but the standard itselard itself, to the benefit of our customers."


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