TSE sets October launch date for new options trading system

Source: Tokyo Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) today decided that the launch date of Tdex+, the new trading system for options trading, will be Monday, October 5, 2009.

Tdex+ is a system that is developed based on LIFFE CONNECT currently used in NYSE LIFFE, a major derivatives market in Europe. The implementation of the Tdex+ system will bring about a dramatic improvement in processing capability and capacity such as order entry latency.

In addition, in conjunction with the implementation of Tdex+, a Market Maker Scheme will be introduced for options trading. This scheme will allow investors constant access to tradable quotes of issues eligible for market making. Furthermore, about 30 options strategies will become available to investors. With these changes, the introduction of the system is expected to lead to a marked improvement in the convenience of the TSE options market.

Through the implementation of the new trading system and fundamental reform of the rules and regulations, the TSE will expand the asset management infrastructure for domestic and foreign market participants. The TSE will continue to strive toward further development of the derivatives market in Japan in the future.

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