Celoxica introduces hardware acceleration for full data feed handling

Source: Celoxica Holdings

Celoxica Holdings, an enabler of ultra-low latency trading and market data solutions, has extended its hardware-accelerated line handlers to deliver full depth of order book to client-side applications.

The Celoxica Market Data Feed Handlers provide a local order book cache and recovery as an extension to Celoxica's line handler products, which consistently process market data with ultra-low latency, irrespective of market bursts. The new feed handlers include a transcoder to normalize the structure across markets and simple APIs (Application Programming Interface) to ease integration.

Lee Staines, chief executive officer of Celoxica said: "Celoxica's mission is simple - to offer the fastest, most deterministic market data solutions. With our feed handler announcement today, advanced trading organisations can sustain extremely high throughput with no jitter - up to 3 million messages a second. Client integration has proven consistent ultra-low latencies from receipt of data from the wire to availability in the user application with sub 10 micro second performance".

Celoxica's line handlers support all US high frequency equity, futures and options feeds and are being extended to include European feeds. The feed handlers extensions are currently being rolled out across these high frequency markets with clients determining priorities.

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