Aleri reports liquidity management contract win

Source: Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions, announced today that a major European bank has selected Aleri's Liquidity Management System including the new Liquidity Risk Manager (LRM) along with Cash Flow Manager, and the Collateral Management Module.

By implementing the Aleri Liquidity Management System, the Bank will be able to bridge the needs of its Asset & Liability Management (ALM) and Treasury Funding functions. The Aleri system will provide the Bank with a single solution that will deliver an enterprise-wide view of its liquidity risk exposure, enhancing management's capabilities in managing and minimizing liquidity risk and enabling the bank to meet new board and regulatory demands.

"Over the past few years banks have started to see the need to implement better tools and processes for managing liquidity and liquidity risk. With the global economic events of the past year, this has taken on a sense of urgency," said Rodney Nelsestuen, Senior Research Director at TowerGroup and co-author of a recent report entitled Liquidity Risk Management: The Next Global Battleground in the Financial Services Industry. "For many banks, analyzing liquidity exposure has been a manual, time consuming process confounded by the separate silos of information within the bank. Going forward, banks must become adept at capturing that enterprise-wide view, and on a dynamic and real-time basis to effectively manage liquidity and reduce risk while meeting emerging regulatory compliance requirements."

The Bank will use Aleri's Liquidity Management System to consolidate data from various payment systems and other source systems throughout the bank. The Aleri Cash Flow Manager and Collateral Management applications will provide the bank's funding desk with real-time, complete and granular information on the bank's contractual cash ladder and collateral resources, enabling a reduction of funding costs, optimizing use of collateral resources, and supporting contingency funding plans. The Aleri Liquidity Risk Manager will provide the Bank with flexible management, reporting and a stress testing environment that will enable it to model stress events and gain insight into how different scenarios impact the Bank''s liquidity exposure and assets value.

Aleri was recently included in an independent report from Forrester Research, Inc., "Hot Banking Tech Companies to Watch in 2009: Q2 Update" (June 2009), which highlighted Aleri's ability to "keep banks on track to manage something that's top of mind for bankers and bank regulators these days - liquidity." The write up featured Aleri's LRM application and highlighted how LRM provides insight into the effects of stress events on enterprise liquidity, enabling more effective contingent liquidity risk management practices and allowing key personnel to calculate liquidity gap positions, identify periods at risk, define and store liquidity scenarios, run stress scenarios against gap positions, intelligently apply and recommend use of counterbalancing capabilities to gap positions, and improve liquidity gap and ratio reporting to regulators.

"By deploying Aleri's Liquidity Management System, the Bank will be able to have much more timely, complete and detailed insight into and control over their expected cash flows," said Don DeLoach, CEO & president. "Aleri's Liquidity Management suite of applications is the only solution in the market that can provide a holistic, enterprise approach to the management of liquidity, satisfying the needs of Treasury, ALM, Finance, Compliance and Risk."

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