ITRS Group upgrades Geneos Framework

Source: ITRS Group

ITRS Group, the leading global provider of real-time proactive systems and application management products to the world's financial community, is pleased to announce the release of Geneos Framework 2, a new generation of the Geneos backbone which comprises Gateway 2, Active Console and Active Dashboard.

Framework 2 is a highly flexible new foundation for Geneos and offers a host of additional and unique functionality and enhanced features. It is now fully multi-threaded, vastly improving its performance. All existing clients will be migrating to the new Framework 2 over time.

Active Dashboard is a new visualisation component that is made available in the redesigned generation of the Framework. It allows users to create fully customised, graphical, real-time dashboards to represent their actual environment. The Active Dashboard showing business-level service and high-level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is often used by traders and business heads in conjunction with the Compute Engine to track the health and performance of their critical real-time systems.

The Compute Engine is a major addition to Gateway 2. This analysis and consolidation component of the Geneos Framework performs real-time, user-defined calculations such as moving averages or rates of change based on monitored metrics. The results of these calculations are a new set of real-time metrics. The Compute Engine can also be used to provide service level views, showing how operational metrics impact on business-level services. Furthermore, the Rule Engine has also been much enhanced, offering a great deal of added flexibility.

The new generation of Active Console, the visualisation component of the Geneos Framework, offers a greatly improved graphical interface. It provides comprehensive, hierarchical, aggregated high-level and/or detailed views on hundreds of thousands of individual metrics for the large numbers of different systems and applications that make up the global trading environment.

Says Misha Kipnis, ITRS CTO: "We work very closely with our clients and our development strategy benefits greatly from their input and feedback. We are continually developing and enhancing Geneos, and of course we had the option of going forward by developing the existing techechnology. In the short term this would have been an easier way of extending the services and functionality that we provide. However, we felt that the new generation of the Framework would produce much more robust results and provide us with an extremely stable and flexible platform for future enhancements. Our development has always been dictated by customer requirements; the market is developing so rapidly that building the new generation of our product's Framework was the right option for us and of the greatest benefit to our clients." He adds: "Unlike many other providers of application software who charge for enhancements Framework 2 is included as a no-cost upgrade for all existing clients."

Kipnis believes that as the market becomes more sophisticated, monitoring technology will increasingly need to be more proactive and predictive, with rule-based systems beginning to edge towards expert systems.

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