MSIT completes Swift E&I validation

Source: Management Solutions IT

Thanks to the extensive and long expertise in the investigations area, MSIT - Management Solutions IT - is the first E&I solution provider who has successfully completed the Swift E&I validation process 2009.

MSIT has been awarded the SWIFTReady Application Exceptions and Investigations Label for the fourth time in a row. The SWIFT E&I initiative has been created by SWIFT to help financial institutions communicating in a standardised way with both other banks and corporates. The strict SWIFT criteria of the SWIFT E&I validation process ensure that third party applications support XML-messages and rules properly, thereby allowing banks to tackle the barriers to STP, get and provide faster and comprehensive information.

As the expert in the investigations area since 1997, MSIT is proud to offer its clients the SWIFT-certified state-of-the-art solution MSIT-EXIN. MSIT-EXIN is the reliable and innovative solution for both the full lifecycle of Exceptions and Investigations and for SWIFT E&I. As an integrated solution and standard system, MSIT-EXIN can be excellently adapted to meet all organisation's requirements. It is the customised solution for the full life-cycle of case and message management for investigations. Paying attention to the specific and critical requirements of the banking industry, MSIT's latest solution MSIT-EXIN allows both banks and corporates to go into production within the shortest period of time.

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