Seylan Bank licenses China Systems for trade finance


Seylan Bank, the fastest growing private sector bank in Sri Lanka, has recently signed up a licensing agreement with China Systems to acquire CS Eximbills Trade Finance for their various Trade Finance operations.

Seylan Bank will also be implementing PrExim Doc Manager, China Systems' content/image management and archiving subsystem, which secures the customer application in the branch and electronically sends them to the trade finance center. The bank has also selected China Systems' CS Customer Access, an Internet-based customer front-end system which delivers Trade Finance functionality to their bank's customer in real time using browser-based technology.

Amongst other things, development of 'Bureau de Change', a small foreign exchange operation of buying and selling Sri Lankan rupees to and from other currencies will be installed at the airport in Sri Lanka as an additional functionality of CS Eximbills. Furthermore, all the functionality will be integrated using MQ Messaging, IBM's Message Queue (MQ) protocol for sending messages, using China Systems' Generic API (GAPI) for easier integration with MQ Messaging.

China Systems is proud to have Seylan Bank in their list of clients and pleased to have the opportunity to work with them.

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