Nigeria's ChamsSwitch licences Paragon ATMulator Plus

Source: Paragon Application Systems

Paragon Application Systems, a leading global provider of ePayment simulation, configuration and testing software, today announced that ChamsSwitch, an electronic payment switch in Nigeria recently licensed Paragon's ATMulator Plus.

ChamsSwitch is using ATMulator Plus to create ATM screens and states and test transaction sets that they implement for their customers.

"ACI recommended that we license Paragon's ATMulator Plus based on its proven reliability and ability to interface with ACI's BASE24-epsTM," says Dapo Ajike, Head of IT for ChamsSwitch. "ATMulator Plus has saved us a lot of time and money. We can now test transaction sets and make modifications rapidly right at our workstations without the need to send someone down to an ATM with a test card."

"We appreciate the support we have received from Paragon's distributor Absolute Systems," adds Ajike. "They made sure that the product installation and training sessions went smoothly and have followed up to determine what other products we may require."

"With the rapid growth of electronic banking in Nigeria and their migration to EMV, there is a growing need for testing solutions to prove ePayment transaction reliability and to minimize risk," says Doug Daggett, Director of Sales for Paragon Application Systems. "We are delighted to welcome ChamsSwitch as our first customer in the growing Nigerian market."

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