BPC expands range of SmartVista compatible HSM-equipment

Source: BPC

BPC, a recognised provider of e-payment and retail banking solutions, announced the expansion of the range of SmartVista compatible HSM-equipment.

Within SmartVista development project, BPC's specialists realised SmartVista integration with SafeNet ProtectServer Gold (PSG) HSM, which was provided by DS Technologies, a distributor of the SafeNet equipment.

The results of the benchmarking have proven a high level of availability and fault tolerance of the tested equipment and SmartVista ensuring efficient protection of data integrity and security. This allowed BPC to start integrating this module with issuance and management of virtual wallets on SmartVista mobile payment billing system which is deployed for the development of CNP (card-not-present) payment infrastructure in a large Asia Pacific processing and settlement company.

During the benchmarking, BPC analysed the declared functionality of ProtectServer Gold HSMs in the field of encryption keys management with the use of HMAC algorithm in accordance with 3DES and RSA standards. BPC's results proved that the PSG module meets modern industry requirements, including the following:

  • Client-server authentication security requirements to the online interfaces
  • Requirements to the algorithms of file encryption and digital signature generation and verification
  • Requirements to the Intranet users authentication
  • Requirements to the user sessions management
  • Requirements to the web-applications security.

The BPC team especially acclaimed the flexibility of the API-interface, ease of implementation and usage of the module development tools, and well thought out integration facilities of the tested solution. The benchmark was very important for BPC as SafeNet plans to promote the new Gold line of its equipment with a complete withdrawal of Orange generation from the manufacture.

"We are constantly working on keeping our SmartVista Suite compatible with the most up to date solutions from the leading software and hardware providers. This ensures that ot our customers can use only the best technologies existing in the market, significantly raising the performance and efficiency of their IT-infrastucture", stated Vasily Grigoriev, BPC Banking Technologies CEO.

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