Ahli United Bank launches SMS alert service for cardholders

Source: Ahli United Bank

Ahli United Bank (AUB) has announced a major boost to the security and safety features of its credit cards through the launch of its new SMS alert service.

The new service will send an SMS alert to AUB credit card holders direct to their mobile phones every time a transaction is made on their card anywhere in the world, ensuring that customers are instantly informed if their card is compromised and allowing customers the ability to better track their credit card use.

AUB is one of the first banks in Bahrain to introduce the SMS alert service for credit card customers, highlighting the bank's commitment to providing a secure, reliable product offering. All of AUB's chip- enabled debit cards feature the SMS alert service already.

"AUB strives to ensure that our valued customers using our diverse retail product and service offering have complete peace of mind at all times. Through harnessing latest technology, we have been able to develop and implement safety and security services that are reliable, accurate and convenient," said Abdulla Al-Raeesi, Deputy Group CEO, Retail Banking, AUB.

"Our new chip-enabled debit cards already provide maximum security and feature the SMS alert service which has been well received by our customers. With the expansion of this service to our credit cards, AUBAUBLoading... has taken steps to better protect all our customers whether they are making a cash, debit or credit transaction" concluded Al-Raeesi.

AUB has long been a pioneer in introducing customer security initiatives in Bahrain and the Middle East. The bank recently announced plans for a complete overhaul of its ATM/ debit cards by introducing chip-enabled ATM cards for its customers. AUBAUBLoading... was also the first bank in Bahrain to issue chip-enabled credit cards and the first bank in the Middle East to install advanced fraud detection devices at all of its ATM's in 2006.


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