Addison Avenue Federal CU rolls out e-banking tools

Source: Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union

Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union's newly formed eCommerce division is rolling out an exciting suite of groundbreaking new technology and online banking tools, deemed "e2," to better serve its membership.

"We created e2, a collection of new technologies that includes e-deposit, mobile banking and an industry-first security key to better serve our incredibly busy and tech savvy members nationwide," said Stu Fisher, senior vice president of eCommerce at Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union. "These new services deliver on our commitment to use technology to help our members as they move through their day."

More specifics about the e2 offering include:

  • Security Key: To best protect members' security when logging in to online banking, Addison Avenue has partnered with VeriSign to be the first credit union to provide members with a Security Key. In addition to using the typical username and password during log in, members will also enter a randomly generated code from their Security Key that changes frequently and is therefore the most secure method of logging in. This key, which is separate from a user's computer, is also not susceptible to viruses or fraud. Addison Avenue has partnered with VeriSign to offer this industry- leading tool via the VeriSign ID Protection network (VIP). The Security Key comes as an application for smartphones, or as a keychain token that members can order through
  • e-Deposit: For those who want the ultimate in convenience, Addison Avenue is now offering qualified members the ability to deposit their checks by simply scanning them with a scanner and uploading them via online banking. It's an easy three step process that takes less than five minutes!
  • Mobile Banking: Addison Avenue also now offers its members the capability to perform financial transactions quickly and securely from their cell phones and smart phones. Members can access the mobile version of to view account balances and transactions histories, as well as conduct transfers and make payments.

These convenient services are being welcomed by members such as Tony Napolitan Jr., who is based in Indio, Calif. "I've been a member for almost 40 years and I really appreciate the fact that Addison Avenue is always exploring new technological services to make the member experience easier and more convenient," said Napolitan. "I am particularly pleased with the e-Deposit service, as I recently moved two and half hours away from the nearest branch and now I can now easily do all my financial transactions at home."

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