Cube Financial Group deploys Fortinet Internet security technology

Source: Fortinet

Fortinet, Inc., the confirmed market leader in Unified Threat Management and only provider of ASIC- accelerated, network-based antivirus firewall systems for real-time network protection, today announced that Cube Financial Group has upgraded their network security infrastructure and reduced costs by 60 percent using Fortinet's FortiGate platform.

The Cube Financial Group is a fast-growing financial services group based in Sydney, Australia. Cube offers a diverse range of investment products underpinned by comprehensive online and face-to-face education that empowers customers by giving them the opportunity to make their own investment choices. Cube's customer base has grown to 2,000-plus users in three years.

Cube Financial Group's Network Administrator Joel Duckworth said: "After evaluating several vendors, we found that none provided the managed solution we needed or offered the comprehensive feature set and cost benefits of Fortinet's FortiGate platform. We saved money immediately on the per-system license fees and operating costs and are also benefiting from FortiGate's integrated anti-virus, intrusion prevention, firewall, content filtering and anti-spam services."

Financial Assurance Critical to Business Credibility

With live online trading on the Australian Stock Exchanges (ASX) and customer details on its system, Cube was keenly aware of the need for maximum security. Faced with an increasingly sophisticated threat environment and the responsibility of meeting compliance with Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), required for a Financial Services License, the company needed to upgrade their existing security infrastructure. Cube hoped to better protect against content-based threats, as well as reduce the amount of spam mail that was robbing employees and IT staff of valuable time. When Cube's first plan of action -- upgrading their existing security products -- failed due to technical issues and exorbitant upgrade costs, the company began looking for alternatives and found their solution in Fortinet.

Cube Financial Group selected a managed security solution from Fortinet Platinum reseller Seccom Networks because of their experience within the financial services sector and their ability to offer us 24 x 7 support and services. Seccom recommended Fortinet's FortiGate platform to protect Cube's network because of the comprehensive feature set and cost benefits the systems provide.

Cube Financial Group is using a FortiGate-200 system to secure its core network, and a failover link is protected by a FortiGate-60 device. Additionally, control of network traffic has been made a lot easier using Fortinet's FortiReporter, which provides easy and efficient reporting and intelligent analysis of network security activity.

FortiGate Antivirus Firewalls are dedicated, ASIC-accelerated systems that deliver complete, real-time network protection services, with features such as integrated firewall, content filtering, VPN, intrusion detection and prevention, and traffic shaping. FortiGate-200 systems provide the ideal combination of performance and value for mid-sized businesses and branch offices and FortiGate-60 provide a feature-rich solution for small businesses. Both the FortiGate-200 and FortiGate-60 are kept updated automatically by Fortinet's FortiProtect(TM) Network, which provides continuous updates to FortiGate systems globally to ensure 24x7 protection against the latest viruses, worms, Trojans, and other threats.

"In addition to delivering a striking return on investment (ROI), the Fortinet solution enabled us to meet compliance standards demanded by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and that are required to hold our Financial Services License," said Wayne Johnson, Group Managing Director at Cube Financial Group. "The Fortinet solution has provided me with a substantial level of comfort regarding the safety of our networks."

"Cube Financial Group joins a growing number of financial services organizations around the globe who are adopting Fortinet's FortiGate network security platform," said Jens Andreassen, Fortinet's Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "The systems' integrated, comprehensive feature-set provides unmatched price/performance and superior security that is required to protect even the most sensitive financial data and enable financial institutions to meet stringent compliance standards."

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