SIX Telekurs adopts consolidated Nasdaq OMX global index data service

Source: SIX Telekurs

With the availability of the Nasdaq OMX Global Index Data Service, SIX Telekurs customers enjoy the benefits of enhanced descriptive data for improved transparency.

The Global Index Data Service is a premier data feed from NASDAQ OMX Information LLC that consolidates all index and exchange-traded fund (ETF) valuation data into a single outbound data stream. The data originates from The NASDAQ Stock Market®, NASDAQ OMX PHLXSM and the exchanges that comprise NASDAQ OMX Nordic and NASDAQ OMX Baltic.

"Because we offer our customers the full complement of NASDAQ OMX index and ETF data, SIX Telekurs was eager to implement the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Service as soon as it was available, given the cost benefits of the consolidated feed from the exchange", said Sara Banerjee, Senior Vice President Data Procurement and Strategic Initiatives of SIX Telekurs in the Americas. "The fact that our customers can now receive significant added value through additional data fields is a real win-win for all parties." In addition to reducing costs, the NASDAQ OMX Global Index Data Service provides customers with improved dissemination frequency and component weightings for select indexes - allowing for better trading performance and portfolio valuations.

"The NASDAQ OMX Global Index Service adds significant value through the vastly increased frequency of dissemination, plus the availability of such critical information as index components, weights and divisors, instrument-specific data fields such as intra-day IPV (Intraday Portfolio Value), previous day NAV, and estimated cash per creation unit", said Randall Hopkins, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX Global Data Products.

For SIX Telekurs customers, the index component data delivers greater transparency through improved visibility into the indices, along with improved frequency of intra-day pricing updates - all of which means that investors and traders are better able to gauge the market's performance and make buy and sell decisions.

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