Schneider Group chooses Correlix for inter-party latency management

Source: Correlix

Correlix, a leader in Latency Intelligence solutions that monitor, measure and analyze trade execution and market-data flows in real-time, today announced that Schneider Group has joined their recently launched RaceTeam™ Service to provide inter-party latency management.

The Correlix RaceTeam service offering allows trading partners to manage Latency Intelligence in a secure shared environment to improve market data and trade execution processing. Correlix Latency Intelligence unique technology enables trading firms to correlate and trace low-latency trading transactions as they traverse both internal infrastructure as well as external partner environments.

"The Schneider Group is committed to gaining every trading edge possible through investing in innovative trading technologies to ensure our traders can thrive and be profitable in today's demanding high frequency trading environment," said Collin Coleman, IT Director of the Schneider Group. "By deploying Correlix and joining the Correlix RaceTeam we'll obtain real-time latency visibility internally as well as with our partners as a part of our comprehensive trade facilitation service."

The Schneider Group provides trading services to over 250 associates and through its brokerage offers efficient and reliable order execution on all Futures, Options, CFDs and foreign exchange contracts. By deploying Correlix and becoming a RaceTeam member the Scheinder Group will be able to offer its traders real-time order-level latency measurements to pinpoint latency issues with trading partners in order to accelerate market data delivery and order execution.

"Market data and order execution must be processed and delivered with the least amount of latency for high frequency trading firms such as Schneider trading to make profitable decisions and get the fastest access to liquidity" said Shawn Melamed, CEO. "Trading firms participating in Correlix RaceTeam Service can collaborate with their venues and service providers to improve execution performance and effectiveness of their market making or liquidity taking strategies through real-time shared latency visibility."

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