S1 ships e-learning modules

Source: S1 Enterprise

S1 Enterprise, a division of S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE) and a leading global provider of multichannel financial services software, today announced that it is delivering a new series of self-paced, interactive eLearning modules to significantly enhance the financial institution end user's online experience through the use of S1 Enterprise eLearning Solutions.

Zions Bancorporation and their affiliate banks will be the first to use the innovative learning modules.

The new S1 Enterprise eLearning Solutions employ avatar agents that invoke a "Tell Me, Show Me, Let Me Try" learning strategy. Users will be presented with introductory best practice information, have the opportunity to view product demonstrations, and be given the ability to try new functionality.

"Our focus was on offering a consistent and unique 24/7 online learning experience," says Karen Slaughter, senior vice president of Zions Bancorporation. "We were able to customize the eLearning modules to meet the specific needs of our customers and do it in an out-of-the box approach that will resonate with how sophisticated online users today want to interact with the Internet."

The eLearning modules S1 developed for Zions contain six courses covering over 20 modules and 100 tasks. The courses correspond to tasks performed by its corporate banking users and customer support personnel including information on how to execute wire and ACH payment transactions, upload files to the bank, conduct image searches, complete interactive information reporting tasks, and set up new users with entitlements.

"Zions' goal is to facilitate a smooth customer migration from its legacy corporate banking system to its new S1 Corporate Banking offering and also for ongoing training," says Fred Dumas, general manager of S1 Enterprise Treasury Online Group. "S1 eLearning capabilities will help Zions deliver innovative web learning tools to its broad customer base in a cost-effective manner."

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