Quadralink integrates ARX digital signature technology

Source: ARX

Quadralink, the exclusive distributor of Laserfiche products to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, has integrated the CoSign digital signature solution into their Laserfiche document management offering, solidifying their products capacity to maintain a fully electronic workflow.

The addition of the CoSign digital signature solution to Quadralink's Laserfiche offering will allow Laserfiche users to replace handwritten signatures with legally-binding digital signatures for electronic documents, both inside and outside of the Laserfiche records-management and workflow environment. Laserfiche users now have access to technology that can sign, seal, and route documents for verification anywhere. This capacity allows for expediting business processes and reducing costs, while maintaining document integrity and complying with regulations. Moreover, the CoSign digital signature solution supports all major file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, TIFF, InfoPath and many more.

"Quadralink is committed to bringing the best information and communication technology to Vietnam," said Daniel K. O'Leary, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Quadralink. "ARX offers the best digital signature technology and is the ideal partner based on their functionality, price, and integration capabilities."

When used with good record-keeping practices, digital signatures ensure audit and regulatory compliance. CoSign is compliant with regulations worldwide, including the U.S. FDA 21 CFR Part 11, U.S. E-Sign and UETA acts, and the E.U. Directive for Electronic Signatures.

"Quadralink's reputation for successful integrations and support, as well as its exclusivity with a world-renown document management system such as Laserfiche, provided ARX with an ideal opportunity for a partnership within the increasingly strong Southeast Asian market," said Gadi Aharoni, CEO, ARX.

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