Alphacet introduces Octave interface

Source: Alphacet

Alphacet, Inc., a developer of innovative software solutions for quantitative analysts, portfolio managers and traders, today announced that it has released a new Octave interface, which enables users to import proprietary MATLAB and open-source Octave code directly into the Alphacet Discovery program library.

With the new Octave interface, quants can increase the power of their existing MATLAB and Octave strategies by importing them into Alphacet Discovery, where they can rapidly save and modify their code with any of Discovery's 550 standard quantitative functions, routines and machine learning algorithms.

"The field of quantitative analysis is at a critical juncture where it must begin melding its current empirical workflow with a more streamlined and scalable development process that can react to today's volatile markets on an enterprise level," said Peter Sibirzeff, chief executive officer of Alphacet. "With the new Octave interface, users can seamlessly upload existing proprietary MATLAB and Octave models to one centralized platform that provides greater flexibility, collaboration and control over strategy development, testing and deployment."

By importing MATLAB and Octave code into Discovery, users will retain access to their original source code while also gaining the ability to leverage their proprietary strategy components to build new strategies within Discovery.

The interface also will allow quants to back test and walk forward, or paper trade, their MATLAB strategies on one standardized set of both historical and real-time data with just the click of a few buttons - eliminating look-ahead biases and coding errors associated with leveraging multiple databases.

In addition, users will receive access to all of Discovery's innovative functionality for rapid strategy development, back testing, walk forwards and deployment.

Alphacet Discovery is the only straight through processing alpha generation platform on the market. It received top ratings from the Aite Group in its 2008 "The World According to Quants" report and was nominated as a finalist for The Technical Analyst's Best Automated Trading Product award in 2009.

Of note, Discovery users must purchase a MATLAB license in order to create MATLAB code. Users can obtain a free license for the development or use of open-source Octave code.

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