Delta Community Credit Union selects Fiserv m-banking technology

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV), the leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, today announced that Delta Community Credit Union, one of the nation's largest credit unions, has selected Mobile Money from Fiserv to provide its members with mobile financial services.

Mobile Money was selected for its "triple play" technology, which allows members to access their accounts using any one of the three mobile access modes, and because it can be modified to provide additional mobile banking and payment capabilities as the market evolves.

"Delta Community Credit Union has a diverse membership base, and a large number of our members travel frequently. We were looking for a mobile banking solution that could serve all of our members, regardless of their location, mobile device or carrier," said Todd Marksberry, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Delta Community Credit Union. "Mobile Money from Fiserv will enable us to meet the current needs of our members quickly, while also providing the flexibility we need to adapt to future member expectations."

The "triple play" technology of Mobile Money will enable Delta Community members to access their accounts using their choice of any one of the three primary mobile access modes: mobile browser, SMS (text messaging) or an application downloaded to a BlackBerry smartphone or Apple iPhone.

"In the case of the mobile delivery channel, the cornerstone of any solution is the modality, or method of mobile data access, by which customers retrieve their financial information and interact with their financial institution," said Charul Vyas, analyst, emerging technologies, TowerGroup. "TowerGroup believes that financial service institutions that offer multiple modalities will spur additional mobile banking usage. Without question, mobility will play a vital role in an institution's ability to reach new customer segments and nurture enduringly profitable customer relationships."

Mobile Money from Fiserv supports a variety of functionalities including: balance inquiries, transaction history, account transfers, bill payments and a comprehensive array of account, operational and marketing alerts. In addition the solution also offers both online and offline enrollment capabilities. These multi-channel enrollment capabilities have been shown to attract more customers to the mobile channel, which has a lower cost to serve than other channels.

The Mobile Money solution selected by Delta Community is a licensed service targeted toward mid- to large-sized financial institutions.

"Delta Community Credit Union is committed to delivering high-quality, easy-to-use services to its members," said Todd Lesher, division president, Electronic Banking Services, Fiserv. "Mobile banking services will continue to grow in popularity among consumers in the next five years, proliferating even more quickly than did online banking. The selection of Mobile Money from Fiserv by Delta Community shows that they are not only responsive to the current needs of their members, but are also building a foundation that will enable them to deliver additional mobile services, such as mobile payments, in the future."

Fiserv Mobile Money incorporates technology from Atlanta-based M-Com Inc. M-Com and Fiserv announced their technology partnership in September 2008 under the label Mobile Money from Fiserv. Mobile Money is the industry's most complete mobile banking and payments solution, supporting consumers on all three mobile access modes, offering online and offline enrollment capabilities and integrating with core banking, online banking and electronic payments systems. By leveraging the combination of M-Com's BankAnywhere solution and Fiserv's technology assets such as online banking, electronic billing and payment, and fraud management tools, Fiserv delivers to financial institutions a complete end-to-end suite of multi-channel financial services.

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