Linedata adds dashboard to MFact fund accounting suite

Source: Linedata Services

Linedata Services (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global leader for investment software, solutions and support, today announced the launch of a major advance in its MFact fund accounting suite: The NAV Dashboard ("Dashboard").

Dashboard manages the Net Asset Value ("NAV") process, providing a real-time overview for exception management, applying rule-based checks and balances.

Dashboard provides real-time status reports, with exceptions highlighted onscreen using color-coded status icons to indicate whether the item has passed or failed based on pre-set parameters. The NAV Dashboard module for MFact comes at an important time for the industry, streamlining critical, labor-intensive operations as fund administrators seek to reduce overhead and operational risk.

"Linedata Services is continually focused on increasing usability and reducing operational risk for clients, and these are the key drivers behind this breakthrough in the MFact fund accounting suite," said Peter Muldoon, Executive Vice President with Linedata Services. "The NAV Dashboard's data visualization functionality allows clients to identify and respond to exceptions at a moment's notice. NAV Dashboard can help to increase efficiency and reduce operational risk, helping our clients stay balanced amidst unsettling market developments."

Built to work closely with the MFact system, Dashboard can also provide automated accounting controls around the most important steps a fund accountant takes to process the fund NAV. Using this real-time tool allows supervisors to check on the accuracy of funds throughout the trading session, reducing the risks of NAV error that otherwise might not be found until late in the day.


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