Diebold unveils cash-accepting device for ATMs

Source: Diebold

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) is launching the latest innovation in its family of deposit automation solutions with the newly developed Enhanced Note Acceptor (ENA), a cash-accepting device for automated teller machines (ATMs).

Designed in-house, Diebold's ENA technology continues a company tradition that began in the early 1990s of introducing to the industry deposit automation innovations that deliver a high-quality transaction experience and help reduce operating costs across the self-service channel. Representing the industry's leading self-service technologies, Diebold's deposit automation solutions include cash recycling, Intelligent Depository Module(TM), ImageWay® and the Bulk Note Acceptor.

According to a recent Retail Banking Research (RBR) study, deposit automation is one of the fastest growing new banking technologies because it offers the multiple conveniences and advanced functionality customers want. RBR reported that the number of deposit-automated ATMs across 26 countries has more than quadrupled since 2003 to more than 96,000 at the end of 2007. The study predicts market demand will continue to grow to as many as 670,000 deposit-automated units deployed by 2018.

Diebold leveraged its strong deposit automation experience and technology expertise to design the ENA to deliver such improvements as simplified servicing and ease of operation. The ENA enables the deposit of up to 50 mixed-denomination notes in an easy, envelope-free transaction that authenticates and validates deposits, quickly and accurately. Diebold designed the ENA with a user-friendly interface for a streamlined customer experience. The ENA module further enhances the flexibility of Diebold's full-function Opteva® terminals and is offered as a standard feature or as an onsite field upgrade.

"The ENA's proprietary design, which features superior reliability, is a direct result of input from our customers, Diebold's technicians in the field as well as our cash-in-transit service partners, to ensure this module meets financial institutions' most critical needs," said Charles E. Ducey, Jr., senior vice president, global development and services, Diebold. "As an important addition to our total deposit automation solution, Diebold's ENA design is grounded in years of deposit automation and technology expertise to offer financial institutions a higher return on investment by boosting operational efficiencies."

For financial institutions, Diebold's ENA delivers the multiple advantages of envelope-free deposit automation technology, including the efficiencies realized from migrating routine transactions to the ATM and away from the teller line. Moreover, adopting technology that accepts deposits without an envelope helps eliminate empty-envelope and closed-account fraud, while delivering a teller-like transaction experience to consumers. ENA helps fulfill an essential global market need for regions with moderate-volume cash-deposit activity and benefits both consumer and business customers.

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