Deutsche Bank signs for OpTier business transaction management system

Source: OpTier

OpTier, the leader in Business Transaction Management (BTM) for the enterprise, today announced that Deutsche Bank has selected the company's CoreFirst software to enhance visibility into its IT environment in order to reduce the costs associated with downtime and mean time to recovery (MTTR) throughout its retail banking and trading divisions.

The transparency that CoreFirst provides enables the world's largest and most successful financial services organisations to manage IT from a business perspective using transactions. With CoreFirst, Deutsche Bank is able to identify and resolve problems more quickly in order to drive operational efficiencies. When potential problems arise, CoreFirst automatically identifies trends and alerts the Deutsche Bank IT staff so they can remediate problems before they occur.

In one instance, Deutsche Bank experienced a problem while migrating a project from one datacentre to another which caused a reduction in transaction throughput of at least 30 percent, in addition to a 30 percent increase in elapsed transaction time. For several weeks, the IT support team at the bank worked with a specialist in attempts to identify and resolve the issue, until ultimately it was decided that a costly hardware replacement was necessary. In an effort to resolve the issue without a complete hardware overhaul, CoreFirst was installed and the problem was identified within two hours. The issue was resolved within another 20 minutes, and based on the information CoreFirst provided, Deutsche bank was also able to improve elapsed transaction time and throughput on 14 other applications with similar issues.

"Prior to selecting CoreFirst, we used several network and application management tools for monitoring, but they did not offer us visibility at the transaction level. After evaluating several transaction monitoring solutions, OpTier's was the only one that provided us with an end-to-end view of each business transaction," said Marc Earl, global head of operations, investment banking at Deutsche Bank. "CoreFirst began saving us money within minutes after it was installed, not only by allowing us to identify problematic transactions and prevent outages, but by enabling us to more effectively allocate employee resources."

CoreFirst is currently handling hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute across more than 20 applications within Deutsche Bank's IT infrastructure. In the future, Deutsche Bank plans to implement CoreFirst over its entire foreign exchange infrastructure which handles more than 40 percent of global currency transactions, amounting to millions of transactions per minute.

"Global organisations like Deutsche Bank realise that IT is essential to business and that transactions are a mission-critical element of business success," said Israel Mazin, Chairman and CEO of OpTier. "CoreFirst helps these organisations to simplify IT monitoring, management and problem resolution with fewer resources by monitoring and managing it from a transactional view. This transactional context, combined with the comprehensive view of the IT infrastructure that CoreFirst provides, also allows organisations to proactively optimise IT in order to minimise the costs associated with downtime."

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