New Access upgrade electronic banking document management system

Source: New Access

New Access SA, leader in banking software, offering client relationship, document, portfolio and reporting management solutions, today announced the immediate release of Logical Access 7.

Based on its electronic banking document management system - Logical Access® Suite - deployed since 1988 in well-known private banks, this new version provides the banking sector with many long-awaited functionalities. With Logical Access 7, New Access reinforces its position in banking expertise.

This new version enables end-users to collaborate and share information quickly and easily, and increase their productivity. In particular, Logical Access 7 provides:

  • optimum management of the bank's different environments (e.g. branches in Lugano, Luxembourg, Monaco), allowing users to work simultaneously in several operating environments;
  • window tabs to give fast access to the different work spaces linked to the environments;
  • a simplified filing plan process, customized according to the bank's in-house organization;
  • fast, sophisticated cross-searching of documents, their data and environments, thus providing better time management to end-users;
  • the creation of virtual documents, assembling different parts pertaining to the document, such as, for example, a signature card with the client's signature copied from different documents signed by the client;
  • customization of the application according to the bank's business processes and to increase its efficiency in dealing with clients;
  • a dynamic workflow, allowing an unlimited number of tasks to be generated, according to the bank's business process, organization and needs;

In addition, the security aspect of this new version has been especially strengthened through:

  • the possibility of "blurring" two-thirds of an on-screen document, thus avoiding a breach of confidentiality of data and limiting a potentially malicious use of the information by a third person;
  • the management of granular access rights control, both on the level of user profiles, access rights linked to mass printing, and on the level of password management and their associated life-cycle.

"Logical Access 7 is a clear improvement and meets the needs of an increasingly demanding banking market. To satisfy our many clients, this new version has been developed on the .NET platform, thus making it a long-term investment for our present and future clients, offering indisputable ease of use," comments Alexis Sikorsky, New Access founder and CEO.

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