Commodity portal FMX Connect goes live

Source: FMX Connect

FMX Connect ("FMX"), a unique commodity and energy portal designed to provide professional content in a community environment, has launched in beta at

FMX, short for 'Financial Media Exchange,' was created for industry participants and public investors that seek unbiased, professional data combining news, analysis and contributions from third parties to create an open platform for independent, best-in-class information. Users can tap into OTC energy data, options analytics, trading volumes, real-time news, and global exchange data aggregated on a single screen.

"Inflationary pressures are leading to a resurgence of commodity investing and the democratization of information is bridging the gap between public and professional investors," said Samuel Thompson, CIO of FMX Connect. "FMX is uniquely positioned to play the role of transparency provider and there is no other portal that covers commodities in such depth."

"Having been involved in the commodities data arena for a decade, I am confident that FMX will quickly become a hub that will add value to all users and partners," Mr.Thompson added.

"FMX answers a need that our fragmented industry has been lacking," said Peter Beutel, President of trading advisory firm Cameron Hanover. "In an environment where banks and brokerages are cutting back, the FMX offering is even more relevant and will further highlight the virtues of conflict-free research."

Cameron Hanover distributes its globally renowned Daily Energy Hedger through FMX at

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