Largest Croatian bank deploys Aladdin eToken devices

Source: Aladdin

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, a global leader in information security now affiliated under common management with SafeNet, Inc., today announced that Zagrebačka bank, the largest bank in Croatia, has deployed Aladdin eToken NG-Flash to customers using its e-zaba online banking services. Aladdin eToken NG-Flash is the premiere USB-based PKI authentication solution, combining smartcard authentication with encrypted flash memory to provide strong user authentication, identity and access management tools and strong encryption to store and protect sensitive data and applications.

Zagrebačka bank, a member of the UniCredit Group, is the leading bank in Croatia in the quality of its products and services, technological innovation and the number of clients. It has approximately 1.2 million clients and accounts for one fourth of total bank loans, leading the market in providing housing loans and almost one third of overall bank deposits. Zagrebačka bank has been operating with around 90,000 corporate clients, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and craftsmen within the framework of 46 entrepreneurial and commercial centers. It offers the most modern banking services of any bank in Croatia. e-zaba, its internet banking portal, has more than 380,000 users, of which more than 78,000 are corporate customers.

In addition to already implemented e-zaba PKI smartcards, eToken NG-Flash, with smartcard functionality, digital signing and encrypted storage now enables Zagrebačka bank to offer its corporate customers the choice of another PKI authentication device to securely connect to e-zaba online services., Logos, Zagrebačka bank's system integrator, created a custom system that combined its own PKI Validation Authority Suite (PKI VAS) with the eToken NG-Flash. Integrated into Logos's PKI VAS, eToken NG-Flash enables secure storage of user's credentials and the private key, and through PKI VAS modules enables digital signing of documents and transactions to prevent identity theft and fraud. Further, the encrypted storage serves as a software delivery platform for Zagrebačka bank tools and applications, resulting with simple and fast installation of PKI software components, at the same time providing customers a convenient means of storing sensitive documents in an encrypted format.

"From very beginning of development of its e-banking services, Zagrebačka bank identified two-factor authentication as a key component for e-zaba on-line services, with PKI and smartcard- based digital signature as the authentication technology for its e-zaba service for corporate clients. After years of successful and wide-spread implementation of PKI smartcards, Aladdin eToken devices were natural step in Bank's efforts to provide the highest quality banking experience for our online banking customers," said Luka Tomašković, Head of Cash Management at Zagrebačka bank. "Aladdin eToken, tightly integrated with Logos's PKI application modules, allows our customers not only to complete online banking transactions with the complete assurance that their bank account is protected and their identity secure from cybercriminals, but to have safe and encrypted storage for their documents and information in one single device."

"By deploying eToken NG-Flash to its online banking customers, Zagrebačka bank delivers strong protection against data and identity theft for its customers and gains a strong competitive advantage in their market," said Shlomi Yanai, vice president of authentication at SafeNet. "Financial institutions like Zagrebačka bank who are seeking to provide a highly secure online banking experience for their customers are increasingly turning to eToken strong authentication solutions. With the merger of SafeNet and Aladdin, financial institutions offering online banking solutions can take advantage of the expanded portfolio of authentication solutions from SafeNet and Aladdin to protect sensitive data and guard against the increasing threats of cybercrime."

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