InsBank chooses Goldleaf remote backup service

Source: Goldleaf Financial Solutions

Goldleaf Financial Solutions (Nasdaq:GFSI), a provider of integrated technology-based solutions designed to improve the performance of financial institutions, today announced that Nashville, Tenn.-based InsBank has selected Goldleaf's Remote Backup Service (RBS).

In a time of ever-increasing regulatory requirements, Goldleaf's RBS enables financial institutions to restore data on demand and protect critical customer information.

Prior to selecting RBS, InsBank backed its data up to tapes, however, the bank wanted to automate its backup and find a more reliable and secure solution. With so many products on the market, bank executives spent more than a year researching both in-house and outsourced solutions. The bank's main primary focus was security, particularly in the encryption of the data and the location of the remote site. It was compelling to the bank's executive management that Goldleaf's RBS is stored at a Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) 70 Type II Tier 4 data center, which is the highest level of security available.

"InsBank had a previous relationship with Goldleaf, using its Web design and hosting solution, which made our decision to select its RBS solution much easier," said David Reynolds, FVP of Information Services. "While the number of remote backup providers has dramatically increased over the past few years, we know that our selection of Goldleaf means that we have a compliant, reliable and secure remote backup service that is coupled with superior customer support. InsBank now has the confidence that our data is properly protected and restorable in the event of a loss. This enables us to focus on our strategic goals and maintain our advantage in the market."

Goldleaf's RBS replaces traditional solutions with a fully automated online solution. RBS provides automated backups of heterogeneous file servers as well as application and database servers with encrypted, secure offsite storage and rapid online restoration. The RBS offering includes 24x7 monitoring of customers' backup environments.

"Reports show that current data storage growth rates are close to 50 percent per year and based on those statistics, we saw a clear demand for this service," said Lynn Boggs, CEO of Goldleaf. "Using Goldleaf's RBS, banks do not incur any additional expenses or resources from hosting the data in-house, while benefiting from the knowledge that their customer's information is protected and recoverable. This is critical for financial institutions to consider, especially given the regulations around the handling of such data in Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Our service ensures that financial institutions can concentrate on their highest priority -- the customer."

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